It is the law that parents or carers must make sure their child of compulsory school age receives a full-time education. As a parent or carer you are responsible for making sure they go on time every day.

All scholars are expected to attend school every day. Whilst occasional sickness is unavoidable, it is of key importance that the attendance of every scholar is kept above 96%. 

If a scholar is regularly absent they may fall behind with learning, this makes attendance fundamental in making sure young people become successful learners. 

A child who misses school for at least 10% of the time is considered a persistently absent child and prolonged or frequent absenteeism is treated seriously. Parent are considered to be breaking the law when their child regularly misses school and can therefore be fined. 

Types of Absence

Unauthorised absence is when children miss school without premission. For example, a birthday treat, a day trip, over sleeping, taking a long weekend or shopping. 

Authorised absence is when the Principal gives permission for a scholar to be absent. This is very rare and parents need to complete a Term Time Leave Request in advance explaining the reason and providing supporting evidence.  A form can be found by clicking the link below. 

Persistent Lateness & U Coding

Punctuality is key to success and we want every scholar to succeed! We have a number of scholars who are continually late and are working hard to try and reduce this figure…every minute counts!  U Scholars are U coded after 0850 unless they have an authorised reason as agreed with the attendance team. Medical evidence must be provided if lateness is due to an appointment. 

Scholars with persistent U codes are at risk of penalty fines. Please ensure that Scholars are on time and arrive at the Academy before the Scholar gates close at 0817.


If your child is genuinely too ill to attend school then you need to contact school every day of absence to give reason for absence. If your child has a long term sickness please contact us to discuss additional support we may be able to provide. 

Medical evidence may be required and the Principal will have final decision as to whether the absence is authorised or unauthroised.

REMEMBER – regardless of whether absence is authorised or not, absence is absence and your child’s attendance will be affected. We can only give a present mark when scholars are in the Academy.

How can you support outstanding attendance?

Meet the Team

Miss L Yates  – Trust Assistant Principal Safeguarding & Attendance 

Miss M Hibbert – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Attendance 

Mr S Boyd – Attendance Officer

Ms J Fellingham – Attendance Officer

Ms F Chukwunyere – Attendance Officer

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