Co-curricular Opportunities

The Sixth Form Enrichment and Co-Curricular Opportunities

It is incredibly important that the Sixth Form experience is about
giving you the opportunity to build and develop personal qualities and skills.
At Astrea, you will experience a rich, tailor-made
enrichment & co-curricular programme because we are committed to broadening
your horizons and interests beyond the classroom. You can expect:

  • To learn about career options and further education pathways from a wide range of speakers. For example, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, journalists, bankers and MPs
  • To benefit from expertise of Level 6 registered career development professional
  •  To attend lectures and taster sessions which go beyond the curriculum in your subjects
  • To participate in timetabled electives such e.g. DoE, Sports and fitness, climbing, French
  • To engage in sustained programmes that build
  • University and work place readiness with organisations such as:
    • HeppHUB – Higher Education Progression Partnership
    • Sutton Trust Pathways Programmes: Law, Medicine, Engineering, Consulting, Banking, Finance
    •   The University of Sheffield’s Discover Programme
    • The University of Sheffield Us in Schools Mentoring Programme
    • UpTree – professional network for young people
    • Medics Mentors
    • Aspiring Medics Programme and more with the Medical Projects
    • Aspiring Professionals Programme Employer Insights with the Social Mobility Foundation
  • To serve the community and take on leadership roles as visible and powerful role models who will contribute through:
    • Supervising lunch, break time & the library
    • Being a Reading mentor
    • Volunteering locally
    • Participating in a peer mentor programme
    • Taking on the role of subject ambassadors who use their expertise to support in lessons with younger scholars
    • Supporting groups such anti-bullying ambassadors and the school council
    • Supporting enrichment through sports clubs, homework club, book club, creative writing


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