Reading is at the heart of our academy

We know that reading is fundamental to academic success so we always prioritise our pupils’ right access the very best of what has been thought and written.

In Lower and Upper Senior we do this by:

  • Ensuring that all pupils have access to our magnificent and well-stocked library.
  • Employing an expert librarian and a specialist reading mentor.
  • Ring-fencing at least 20 minutes of every day for pupils to read independently.
  • Celebrating and monitoring pupils’ reading habits using Accelerated Reader.
  • Developing bespoke and effective interventions for pupils who need support with their reading.
  • Linking reading to a number of whole-school rewards.
  • Enabling pupils to lead the direction of their library through their library council members.
  • Building a whole-school curriculum that favours enriching and challenging fiction and non-fiction.
  • Taking part in national competitions and events (such as, Poetry By Heart).
  • Ensuring that all staff have space to share their reading recommendations.

In Primary we do this by:

  • Building lending libraries that all pupils can borrow books from.
  • Committing to sharing at least three stories a day with all pupils.
  • Prioritising pupils’ right to 1:1 reading every week.
  • Ensuring phonics are taught effectively and daily.
  • Celebrating reading during our weekly assemblies.
  • Engaging our parents and carers into storytelling.
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