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Y1 & 2 Home Learning

Year 1 & 2 Online Learning – January 2021 Information


Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on 4th January, all children in year 1 and year 2 will be working remotely at home until at least the February half term. Learning will be mixed to meet the needs of your child but will consist of:

  • Pre-recorded lessons delivered by teachers and support staff on Tapestry
  • Specifically chosen activities/games and videos to support learning
  • Activities to complete independently
  • Story time and reading activities
  • Singing
  • Live feedback sessions
  • Quizzes

It is essential that your child completes learning at home. As an Academy we have a duty to ensure that every child is completing learning and so will monitor engagement in the lessons. We will work with any families that are having difficulties.


Daily Timetable

We understand that learning needs to be flexible around your child’s and your family’s circumstances but this is the suggested daily timetable for learning that we will provide each day.

  • Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Foundation subject (Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Art and Design)
  • PE/Yoga

This will be enhanced by story time and singing sessions.

You will have a daily memo to let you know what each day’s activities consists of. Your child may also receive additional learning materials that are designed specifically for their own learning needs.



All of the learning will be found on the online learning journal Tapestry. Your child will be able to access specific learning activities that are in line with what they would have been learning in the school building.

There will also be links to other learning activities on Tapestry that your child can access in addition to the videos

You can access the learning on Tapestry by watching this short explanation video.

When your child has finished their activity, please leave a simple comment at the end of the memo to tell us that is has been completed. You could simply write ‘complete’ or you could give more feedback if you wish.



Your teacher will let you know if there are any resources you need for your child’s learning. However, these will be simple objects that you can find around the home. Your child has also been given a blank workbook where they can record their learning. Your child can show their teacher their learning during the live feedback sessions.


Live feedback

We will invite you and your child to a live small group session at least once per week. Further details of this will follow.  This session is important as it serves several purposes.

Firstly, to make sure that your child(ren) are safe, happy and well and that you as a parent have the support you need.

Secondly, to discuss the home learning that your child has been completing, to assess the learning through a range of fun activities, give feedback and for teachers to understand the next steps your child needs to take in their learning. This will allow us to continually improve it where we can.

Lastly, to discuss any wider issues you may need to discuss about your child.

You do not need to wait for the live session to get help though. If you wish to ask a question or get help for an issue you are having, please call us on 0114 553 9110 or email on Please also call us for any technical support.

Logging onto Microsoft Teams for live sessions

The live group sessions will be delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform. Please click HERE to view the guide to setting up and logging into your Teams account.

Paper copies

If you cannot access online learning or have a difficulty that cannot be resolved we will gladly provide paper based work for your child to complete. Please discuss this with us in the weekly catch up discussions or contact us directly.