Personal Development

Personal Development 

At Astrea Academy Sheffield we offer a robust, knowledge rich personal development curriculum that is reflective and responsive to our scholars needs and the local community. Our curriculum intent and content follow an all-through approach to allow for progression throughout all key stages. Each half term, the focus of the personal development curriculum is communicated and shared with parents weekly in the academy newsletter.

External links continue to be developed to ensure that we are looking at different ways to deliver sensitive topics such as Relationships & Sex Education sessions with a focus on CPD opportunities to upskill staff. A developing RSHE programme is delivered in the personal development curriculum, promoting positive relationships and respect across the whole school, this is supported by a working party of parents and staff. 

The personal development curriculum is delivered by both staff and external agencies to ensure that we encourage growth and improve knowledge, understanding and the skills every scholar requires for personal safeguarding and future life. We plan and consistently challenge scholars to think about safeguarding in all aspects of personal, physical and emotional wellbeing. Scholars follow a detailed curriculum plan which incorporates drop down days, national initiatives, assemblies and key events which allow scholars to develop their understanding of the world we live in and barriers that they may face. Our approach to personal development allows scholars to develop a range of skills to prepare them for the wider world as well ensuring that the personal development curriculum is knowledge rich.  

We also deliver successful interventions and initiatives that contribute to personal development in the academy based off of our academy and scholar needs and requirements to progress. Some initiatives include;

  • The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust: On Track to Achieve well-being project which is delivered annually. Scholars receive guidance from their athlete mentor to improve their self-belief, motivation and self-esteem, leading to more positive attitudes and behaviours. Successful relationships and being part of a community were key indicators of wellness and the success of the wellbeing programme last year.
  • GROW mentoring scholars work with local graduates to discuss future career pathways and key skills they will need for the future.  This project aims to provide scholars with positive role models and is part of our year 10 careers provision.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Astrea Academy Sheffield we understand that mental health and well-being is crucial for nurturing happy, thriving, successful scholars and staff. Mental health and well-being is equally as important as physical health and we ensure that our academy ethos and culture encourages our community to value the importance of personal and academic well-being.   

Our duty at Astrea Academy Sheffield is to ensure that we continue to promote positive mental health and well-being amongst our scholars. We care that our scholars are able to understand and express their feelings with confidence and demonstrate emotional resilience on a daily basis, supporting their learning and personal development.  

At Astrea Academy Sheffield, we are committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and well-being. We continue to raise awareness across our school community; scholars, parents/carers and staff are developing a deeper understanding of what issues young people face, nationally and locally and we work hard to provide the adequate levels of support for any scholar who appears to be suffering with mental health issues. 

Promoting scholar positive mental health and well-being is at the heart of our academy ethos. At Astrea Academy Sheffield we:  

  • Have an all-through approach to positive mental health and well-being that incorporates a commitment to high expectations and continuous support for scholars and staff.  
  • Our curriculum is designed to build scholars’ knowledge, confidence and emotional resilience which aims to develop happy, well-rounded young citizens that are prepared for the challenges of the future.  
  • Have a highly committed staff community that promote positive mental health and well-being and provide high levels of support to every scholar, every day.  

At Astrea Academy Sheffield, we value the importance of regular routines and high expectations that supports positive mental health and well-being. We know that good attendance and active engagement in lessons are crucial for supporting and managing positive mental health. Furthermore, the academy offers the following additional services that support and develop our scholars’ mental health and well-being:  

  • A robust pastoral system in which form tutors and pastoral year leaders are trained to identify behaviour changes that could signify problems in a scholars’ mental health and are always available to offer support and guidance where required.   
  • A detailed personal development curriculum linking to assemblies and morning meeting activities which involve; daily reflection opportunities, raising awareness and understanding of positive mental health and well-being. This helps provide scholars with strategies on supporting positive mental and emotional health.  The personal development curriculum is designed to develop our scholars’ self-confidence, tenacity and respect through a knowledge rich approach.
  • Valuable links with external agencies and local support, e.g. CAMHS & MAST, which are key to providing interventions to individuals who require support with their mental health and wellbeing.   


Pastoral Care  

The academy believes in and provides the highest quality pastoral care. Each scholar meets with their form tutor for a minimum of 45 minutes per day which include reading and morning meeting sessions, to allow for deep, supportive relationships to be formed. This ensures that all scholars have a member of staff who acts as a key worker and communicates between home and school. Tutors and the pastoral team also give additional time and support to scholars as and when they need it so scholars feel safe and happy at Astrea. 


Scholar leadership

At Astrea Academy Sheffield we value the importance of developing leadership skills and opportunities for all scholars. Therefore we provide a range of additional opportunities for scholars to be involved in and develop their skills whilst contributing the development of the academy, particularly scholar voice. Some of the leadership roles provided to scholars include; Anti-bullying ambassadors, Sports Leaders, Computing and creative writing ambassadors and the academy scholar council.

Our Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are trained scholars who help to promote kindness and prevent bullying in the academy. The anti-bullying ambassadors also promote national awareness campaigns such as anti-bullying week, black history month etc.

The scholar council play an active part in the development and progression of scholar voice in the academy at all levels including; curriculum development and safeguarding of the academy such as our response and education provision in line with the prevention of sexual violence and harassment. 

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