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KS3 Assessments – An Overview 

The assessment system for scholars in KS3 reflects significant recent national changes.

  • All GCSE assessments have now been reformed and changed from letter grades (A* to G), to numbers grades (9 to 1)
  • National Curriculum Levels (such as level 4b, 4c etc.) at Key Stage 3 have been removed
  • GCSE’s are generally a single set of exams (linear) in the summer of Year 11 with a significant increase of content and difficulty
  • There is now a greater focus on the quality of written communication and coursework has been removed from most qualifications.

As an academy we have responded to these changes with the purpose of best preparing our scholars for academic success and promoting a studious approach to learning. With increasing emphasis being placed on public examinations through the GCSE system, we must ensure that scholars are prepared in the best possible way throughout every year during their time at Astrea Academy Sheffield. As a result, we are raising the profile of the summative assessments. Great care will be taken to ensure scholars are fully appraised of the curriculum content and question styles the summative assessments will examine. These summative assessments are extremely important as they will show scholars, parents and teachers their progress and attainment throughout the year. By emphasising to scholars the importance of preparation, they will overtime find their transition to GCSE study more straightforward.

Assessment Weeks

At two points in the year there will be ‘assessment weeks’. These are scheduled for the week commencing 4th January 2021 and 7th June 2021. During this time, the normal curriculum will collapse and scholars will sit assessments in each of the subject areas they study, along with attending focused revision sessions.

All assessments directly link to the curriculum that has been taught and will cover a wide range of content. The assessments in Year 8 and 9 will also include content from previous years. The scholars’ raw marks will be converted into a percentage score which will be communicated parents, along with the year group median average score to enable a comparison.

Assessment Week 1 – 4th January until 8th January 2021

When scholars return in January 2021, the first week will be assessment week. Scholars will be based with their form tutor for the full week, and will sit all subject based assessments as listed per the timetable below.

Each day scholars will be expected to have the following items with them:

  • Knowledge Organiser & Workbook
  • Reading Book
  • Any revision notes
  • A fully stocked pencil case.

The revision sessions will be directed by subject leads.


Session 1

8.45am – 10.15am

Session 2

11.00am – 12.30pm

Session 3

1.10pm – 2.40pm

Monday 4th Jan

Revision RE




Tuesday 5th Jan

Revision Performing Arts




Wednesday 6th Jan Revision History




Thursday 7th Jan Revision Geography




Friday 8th Jan Science






Scholar Review

There will be two Scholar Review progress reports coming home during this academic year. These will be issued on 12th February 2021 and 14th July 2021.

Scholars Review meetings will afford parents and scholars the opportunity to fully discuss academic progress and attitude to learning habits. The dates of these are below:

Year 7 – 20th May 2021              Year 8 – 3rd May 2021              Year 9 – 4th March 2021

We will write to parents with further information about how to book, closer to the time.

We believe that these changes provide the Academy with an opportunity to deliver a Key Stage 3 curriculum and assessment system that is rigorous and bespoke to the needs and aspirations of scholars at Astrea Academy Sheffield.