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Equipment Required to Access Lessons

It is essential pupils arrive to school every day prepared to access all the lessons taught, this is the pupil’s responsibility. Preparation for the school day should be completed the night before to reduce the chance of forgetting any essential equipment. In senior school, all pupils have been issued/will be issued on their first day with the following equipment to prepare them in advance of the academic year ahead.
  • Pupil planner
  • Reading book
  • 1 x pencil case with the following contents:
    • 2 x black or blue writing pens
    • 1 x red pen
    • 1 x pencil
    • 1 x highlighter
    • A ruler

The Pupil Planner is also a key home school communication tool, and the academy expects all parents to check the planner daily and monitor homework tasks, along with any key dates.

Failure to bring this equipment will result in a negative point (-1) issued by the pupil’s tutor in morning registration (so negatives are not repeatedly issued throughout the day). Pupils will then be given equipment from their tutor (which they are to return) so they are prepared for the day. Pupils in secondary are required to buy their own bag and bring it to school every day.

In Prep and Pre-Prep pupils are given a book bag. All other equipment will be provided in class.