Curriculum Vision & Principles

Our curriculum, like everything at Astrea Academy Sheffield, builds upon our vision of ‘a relentless commitment to excellence, every day’. We believe in developing the whole child and as such provide extensive experiences which are an integral part of our curriculum offer.

We believe that every Astrea scholar is capable of achieving something wonderful. By providing a rigorous, carefully sequenced, academic curriculum that is full of powerful knowledge, we are enabling scholars to understand and challenge the world around them. We maintain consistent high expectations of all scholars as they are all entitled to learn this powerful knowledge, regardless of starting place. We do not narrow the curriculum for any pupil. Instead, we ensure that all scholars receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum.

As an all-through academy we have an opportunity to really change the way our scholars learn and grow. Each subject discipline is delivered discretely having been developed by subject experts. We work hard to ensure our curriculum is coherent and builds learning over time. This enables pupils to attach new knowledge to old in a manner that is efficient and sustainable. As a result, our pupils make good progress through our curriculum and are well prepared for their next level of study.

From nursery to sixth form we expose pupils to this cleverly crafted curriculum, not only to ensure success at SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels, but because this knowledge is incredibly important for pupils’ wider lives. In KS3, the curriculum is filled with core knowledge which needs to be mastered by all pupils. Each term we publish knowledge organisers, which scholars and parents must use to ensure that they have committed their core knowledge into their long-term memory.

At Astrea, reading underpins everything that we do; we are aware that strength in reading is fundamental to academic success across the curriculum. The ability to read accurately, fluently and for pleasure is a right which we ensure that all scholars have access to.

Key Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum is based on these three key principles that underpin everything we do:

  1. Rich in powerful knowledge
  2. High expectations for ALL
  3. Reading, reading and a little bit more reading

To read about our curriculum in more depth, including the subjects and content we teach in all phases of the curriculum, click the link below.

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